About Us

Senitizo is a humanitarian, non-profit organization that provides life-saving health services to people without access to healthcare in the Central African Republic (CAR). Senitizo directly supports and operates health clinics with on the job training and mentoring for health workers, providing essential drugs and medical supplies, and repairing basic, essential infrastructure.

The people of CAR suffer from some of the world’s worst health indicators. The current health system is unable to provide health services to large parts of the population, and where there is access to health services they are often of poor quality due to unskilled providers and a lack of supplies.

How We Are Different

Senitizo is built on a business model that maximizes resource efficiency and the impact of our health programs. This new business model changes three core elements of the current international humanitarian health model NGOs use in CAR – organization structure, duration of operations, and internal accountability.

Senitizo only operates in CAR and focused solely on its mission there. This tight geographic scope allows for almost all staff to be based on the ground and working directly with beneficiaries and eliminates most overhead expenses.

Senitizo looks to establish itself as a long-term health partner in the country and cultivate relationships with those we serve, government authorities, and international donors – ensuring sustainable and effective partnerships.

Senitizo employs rigorous internal accountability mechanisms to ensure that we provide the highest-quality health care to all our beneficiaries. We firmly believe that we must hold ourselves to the highest standard in all we do, and that by doing so we will best serve those who receive care at our clinics.

By applying this new business model, Senitizo is able to address urgent needs more effectively and efficiently, ensuring more people receive better health care per dollar spent.

Join us and help bring healthcare to CAR

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