Annual and Financial Reports

Senitizo is a 501c3 non-profit organization that is committed to transparency in showing our financial information and program accomplishments to our donors and the broader public. It is important to show how far each dollar goes in providing health care to those most in need, as well as the large impact our donors have on the lives of those we serve. Below you will find our most recent IRS Form 990s, as well as our most recent annual report and financial audits as they become available.

2022 Annual Report – Coming December

2022 Annual Report

Financial Reports

2021 IRS Form 990

2020 IRS Form 990

2019 IRS Form 990

2018 IRS Form 990

2017 IRS Form 990

Financial Audits

Senitizo is not yet required to have audits conducted due to limited annual revenue. We anticipate our first audits to occur in FY2023, at which point the audit reports will be attached here.

FY 2026

FY 2027

IRS 501c3 Determination Letter