Our Team

Our team is comprised of multi-disciplinary professionals who believe in bringing high quality health care to people in the most need. Our diverse perspectives and expertise are essential as we turn complex challenges into new opportunities and sustainable success.

Christian Amolo

Health Assistant

Manda Dinkel

​Board Member

Patty Hooley

​Board Member

Ted Hooley

​President and CEO

Jean Privat Kanguité

Operations Coordinator

Sarah Mintz

​​Vice President

Kate Moser

​Board Member

Jacques Ndegue Bebe

Medical Director

Libby Novacheck


Stella La Reine Nzambi


Solomon Odoudou

Security Guard

Andrew Pitts

Board Member​

Tom Rafter

Board Member

McJoe Robersome Agomi


Emmaus Sangeles

Nursing Student

Bonnie Sherod


Hugues Yangué Yawa

Security Guard