Bringing Life-Saving Health Care To Those Most In Need

What We Do and How We Do It

Senitizo’s operations are centered on the provision of high-quality health services to Central Africans in need. We work exclusively in the Central African Republic (CAR) where the government is unable to provide basic social services, and which has suffered from ongoing conflict and extreme poverty. Countries suffering from chronic humanitarian crises, like CAR, require a new way of providing humanitarian health services that ensures a higher quality of health services while minimizing the cost. We focus on building local capacity to ensure our efforts have a sustainable impact and prioritize the efficient and effective use of the resources entrusted to us by donors.

Sustainable Health Care Delivery

Senitizo provides facility-based health care, and we invest our resources in a clinic-by-clinic approach. Instead of patchwork fixes to a broken health system, our work at health centers is comprehensive to ensure a high level of quality in the services provided.

Senitizo’s engagement wi...

Human Resources for Health

The alarming lack of skilled health personnel in CAR makes support for human resources for health an essential element of the organization’s operations. A long-term, sustainable strengthening of the health system requires building the capacity of local health care providers.


Community Education and Engagement

Engagement with the communities we serve is the base from which all of our activities are built upon. It is essential to gain the trust and support of the people in tandem with providing health services. The primary way Senitizo builds these relationships in the communities we serve is through ed...