Mission, Vision, and Statement of Values


To improve the lives of people living in the Central African Republic by providing health services and strengthening the health system.


Senitizo works for a future where the marginalized are brought into the fold. A future where health in the Central African Republic is on par with developed countries around the world and equality in health access exists between rich and poor, urban and rural. Senitizo aims to accomplish this through the most effective and efficient use of its resources, ensuring more people receive better health care per dollar spent.

Senitizo dares to succeed in the most difficult circumstances through innovation and dedication to our mission. By prioritizing a locally-based model and investment in the untapped potential of Central Africans, Senitizo relies on the people who know the country best to achieve our vision.

Statement of Values

Respect for our Beneficiaries and Employees
Senitizo’s operations are conducted in a manner that always respects the rights of our beneficiaries and employees. We give a voice to and work collaboratively with those we serve. We prioritize building relationships of trust and collaboration between Senitizo and the communities we work in.

Embracing the Marginalized
The history of marginalization of the people of the Central African Republic has led to the poverty, disease, and war they suffer from today. At Senitizo, we embrace the marginalized and aim to help the people of CAR that are most neglected and in need of aid.

Medical Ethics
Our medical providers deliver high-quality care to our patients while respecting their own agency, confidentiality, and right to informed consent throughout the process. All of Senitizo’s activities are implemented according to the principle of “do no harm” to our beneficiaries. In addition to delivering the highest quality of medical care, we treat our patients with utmost dignity.

Accountability, Honesty, and Integrity
Employees, volunteers, and supporters of Senitizo hold the organization to the highest standards in the quality of the services we provide and how we provide them. We will always work with honesty and integrity in how we fulfill our mission. Through established financial controls and policies, we ensure that all funds always reach those we aim to serve.

We pride ourselves on the high-quality of work we do in the field and in administration. Senitizo maintains a strong commitment to transparency in all aspects of the organization’s operations in order to remain accountable to Senitizo’s beneficiaries and donors. We in turn expect this transparency in results and methods to drive the organization’s growth as donors see our cost-effective, high-quality results.

Humanitarian Neutrality
Senitizo prioritizes work in communities in most need of medical care without regard to any political or religious beliefs or ethnicity and will remain neutral in all conflicts ongoing in CAR.